New Feature to Mobile Services: Performance Tracking

Your Business, in the Palm of Your Hand


The Envision Online Access mobile application now includes Performance Tracking! This new feature allows you to quickly see how your business and staff are doing with a simple tap on your phone or tablet. Compare your current sales and key performance indicators to where they were last year, last month or even the previous day. No need to pull multiple reports – the information you need to see is in the palm of your hand!            

Coach, Compete, Congratulate


View & compare stats to previous time frames.

With a quick glance at your app, you can see which staff members are excelling, and who could use a little more coaching.

Staff members can see how their performance compares to their peers, encouraging friendly competition between employees.

Send a congratulatory text message to employees when they exceed their goals.

Security option to limit employee access.


Performance Tracking is a FREE Enhancement
to the Ultimate Service Bundle


If you are not currently using the Ultimate Service Bundle and are interested in the Performance Tracking feature, please contact our sales department for information on how to upgrade your service.


Envision Version 8+ is required for the Performance Tracking feature. If you have an Ultimate Service Bundle and Envision Version 8, you can start using the Perfomance Tracking feature now.