It's Halfway Through the Year. Are You On Pace For Your Goals?


You love your business. You believe in your employees enough to entrust them with contributing to the success of your passion.  Owners/Managers want to coach their staff to their potential and reward them when they’re going that extra mile for your home away from home.  Sometimes employees are made to feel as though tracking their performance translates to being micromanaged and can adversely affect motivation.

So how can you hold your staff accountable, motivate them to do their best and maintain the excitement for self-measurement all while being able to focus on your business?

Surround yourself with the right tools!


Envision Performance Tracking – Coach, Compete, Congratulate!


More time coaching, less time crunching numbers.

Most business owners don’t have time to be tied down to a desk pulling up their employee’s sales and calculating their success with a calculator. Now you can be anywhere, vacation on the beach, a meeting across town or even in a long line at the airport and have access to the information you need right on your phone. Be proactive and prepare strategies to increase those numbers right away instead of waiting to see you aren’t on track at the end of the month.




A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

What better way to get your employees motivated then to give them access to, not just their progress, but their co-workers too?  Create a fun competition between your employees and let them compare their growth with their peers. Who wouldn’t want the title of Top Seller of the Month?  









Acknowledgement means empowerment.

Recognizing your employee’s successes gives them a sense of purpose.  Being able to track numbers and be proactive with their own development gives your staff members a sense of purpose and allows them to see how they contribute to your business. Send them a “CONGRATULATIONS” text message when they reach their goal no matter where you are.




So go ahead and take that summer vacation on the beach,

Envision Performance Tracking is here to help you manage and motivate.