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Are you searching all over, talking to your friends, or reading an industry article about the latest technology development for your business? If so, have you checked to see if the feature you're searching for is already available from Envision? Chances are, it probably is! Envision’s comprehensive program and services encompass all of your technology needs. We’ve made it simple for you to get the tools you need from one place, and at a competitive price.

Within Envision’s family of products you can:



Automate Your Marketing

Envision’s automated smart marketing program (or eSmarketing as we like to call it) automatically sends regular emails to your clients without you having to worry about it! Just set it up once and Envision will send emails and optional SMS texts for clients’:

  • Birthday and anniversary dates
  • First visit welcome
  • Thank you for referring a friend
  • No visit since / We miss you
  •  Retail reminders when product hasn’t been purchased


3rd party email marketing program pricing:

Email marketing alone can cost $20 – $250 each month plus your time and effort create and manage the program. More advanced or comprehensive marketing services can cost $400+ every month!


Build a Professional Business Website

Build your very own professional website in just a few clicks using SalonVision!  With its integration into Envision Installed or Envision Cloud software, SalonVision users can:

  • Build a customized, responsive website 
  • Display specials, announcements, staff bios,etc
  • Offer online booking from your website and Facebook page. 
  • Sell gift cards online
  • Accept client reviews & referrals 

Building a comparable website outside of Envision could cost you thousands each month plus high setup and design fees. 


Online Booking on Your Current Website

If you already have a website and you are happy with its design, you can still use  SalonVision’s  online  booking page! A simple iframe, or  section of  code given to your web developer can  be placed on your current site for real-time appointment booking.   





Have Your Own Mobile App

MyDash is a client-facing app that integrates with Envision Software, allowing clients to connect to the business at any time from their iOS or Android device. MyDash offers your clients:

  • Mobile Appointment Booking 
  • Exclusive Specials
  • Retail Promotion Via Specials 
  •  Bonus Loyalty Points for App Users when product hasn’t been purchased



Customize MyDash’s design to fit your business

You have the option to customize your MyDash app to fit the company brand and image. Each app is built in-house with your input and the assistance of Ennoview’s design and development team to ensure visual appeal and brand consistency.

3rd party app design/development pricing:

Mobile app creation and design packages range from $75 - $500 per month with setup fees starting at $1000 and can reach $10,000+ for complete customization. And this doesn’t guarantee complete integration into Envision.



Track Staff and Business Performance

See exactly how your business and staff are doing with a just a tap on your phone or tablet. The latest feature addition to Envision Online Access allows you to compare current sales and key performance indicators to where they were last year, last month, or even the previous day.

  • View & compare stats to previous time frames.
  • With a quick glance at your app, you can see which staff members are excelling, and who could use a little more coaching.
  • Staff members can see how their performance compares to their peers, encouraging friendly competition between employees.
  • Send a congratulatory text message to employees when they exceed their goals.
  • Security option to limit employee access.



3rd party performance tracking pricing:

You could pay $250 to set up performance tracking outside of Envision and $100/mo  recurring fees.  



Receive Valuable Client Feedback

Envision users can get valuable customer feedback from clients at any time using Envision Surveys. Survey URLs can be printed on the bottom of each receipt, and sent out using Envision email marketing engine.

  • Offer unique coupon codes for completed surveys 
  • Create multiple survey types
  • Track answer responses and trends
  • Use email marketing filters to send the right survey to the right clients



3rd party email survey services pricing:

Email survey programs can cost up to $200/mo and that does not include individual surveys on the bottom of each receipt 




As an Envision user, you have access to all of these services from ONE company which guarantees a seamless integration and lower cost, not to mention only having to contact one company when you have a question about a feature!


If you would like more information on what is available in your version of Envision or service bundle contact your Envision Business Consultant at

800-231-9445 ext 3102.