Putting the D.A.S.H in MyDash

With the up and coming release of our newest update to our client app, MyDash, and all of the dashing through the snow you'll be doing this holiday season, we, at Envision HQ, are constantly thinking of ways to help your business succeed.  We've figured out an easy way for you to remember all of the ways MyDash can help you capitalize on the busiest time of the year. So sit back and relax while we break down the D.A.S.H. in MyDash this week on Envision Pulse. If you like our blog don't forget to share them and like us on social media!


Deals Are A Client's Best Friend

It's important to note that everyone likes a good deal, especially during the holidays. In fact, if you aren't having a holiday deal or promotion, you're likely not as visible to your customers as one might think. During this time of year when everyone is being fed endless advertising on the perfect gifts. How will your business stand out?

Through Push Notifications on MyDash, a client is never more than 1 notification away! This is critical when attempting to fill those last few appointments before the holidays because if you catch the right client during a major hair freak out then you’ve just filled your last blow out of the day instantly! But we’ll go more into this feature in a bit.

Appointments Are YOUR Best Friend

We have one major suggestion for you not to be left at the salon well into the night on Christmas Eve, and that encourages your clients to start booking their appointments now! (As in yesterday). Any dream hair transformations that clients are dying to have by New Year’s might get squashed if they need several sessions to make that color happen. With the MyDash App, your clients can see your openings at any moment in the day, or night, and book instantly, taking you and your staff out of the equation! With more time on your plate to do the things you want to do, everyone is happier, and all of your clients can leave feeling #blessed by your salon!


Services For All

Thinking of adding spa services to your salon but not know where to begin advertising your new business? On MyDash all you need to do is update your list of services, and with the special “Spin To Win” game built into the app for your customers, you can add those services and expose how brilliant they are without having to talk clients into it. This saves you time while increasing revenue instantly! Also with the Loyalty Program feature in the app, whenever your clients check into the salon or buy a product you’re advertising, they can get points towards those new services you’re trying to get booked!


History When You Need It

We all have those clients who visit so few and far between that it can be difficult for them to remember the last time they were in and what services they received. This is where MyDash comes in and saves the day once again! With the History feature, your clients can see what services they’ve had done in your salon and even what products they have purchased (this works well if it’s been a while since they’ve bought a product, they’ll know what to restock on.) The guesswork is taken out of every appointment, so they can always book the right service and purchase the right products.


Whether you're dashing through the mall to pick up those last-minute gifts or down the aisles at the grocery store picking up the ingredients for that perfect holiday dish you’re whipping up, the team at Envision wishes you a very happy holiday season! And a busy one for your business! If you’re interested in MyDash, just email us at sales@ennoview.com to set up a demo and one of our Sales Consultants will reach out to you! Happy Holidays!