Performance Tracking with the Envision Cloud App!

You asked, we answered! Performance Tracking is now available right from the Envision Cloud App for Business. With this new update, Envision is bringing you even more ways to truly manage your business from the palm of your hands. Today we're diving into everything this new feature has to offer. This feature is only available with the Envision Cloud Ultimate Plus subscription so if you are interested in getting this incredible new feature, please contact our sales department via email or click here to schedule a demo today!


Tracking KPIs Has Never Been Easier

To bring up the Performance Tracking Report, you'll need to click on the "Daily Totals" button on the main menu of the Envision Cloud App for Business. You'll be taken to the Reporting screen where there are 2 drop down boxes available. On the first drop down box to the left, you can click into it and see the options available for viewing such as "Compare Service $" and "Compare Prebooks". After selecting the criteria you would like to see the data for, you can then move on to the drop down box on the right and select the date range you would like to see,you can get as specific as "Prior Year-Day" (which will tell you exactly how much you made on this day the previous year) and so on.

The Change indicators will tell you the exact percentage change and a thumbs up or down icon will tell you whether the change was positive or negative with a quick glance. With this incredible new feature you'll no longer need to pull multiple reports! The ability to truly see how your business is doing is now available 24/7 in the palm of your hands.

Bring Your Employee Coaching to New Heights!

With Performance Tracking, you can see which staff members are meeting and beating their sales goals, and who could use a little more coaching. Staff members can even log into the Envision Cloud App to see how their performance compares to their fellow employees. These are huge coaching tools that will simply your business. No more having employees wonder where they are in terms of their goals, put the power back in their hands! You can also set security options to limit employee access so the right people always see the right information. We highly recommend you encourage all of your employees to download the Envision Cloud App so they can take advantage of all the great features it has to offer!

Not An Ultimate Client?

If you are not a current Ultimate client, sign up for a demo today to get a first hand look at everything Ultimate Plus has to offer! Including your own FREE Branded Custom App for your business and Online Gift Card sales; upgrading is quick and easy, and our Installation team will be there to guide you through the process.