NEW & Enhanced Features Now Available in Envision Cloud!

Quarter 1 updates are here! Isn't it exciting when you log into Envision Cloud and see that NEW alert in the top of your screen?!?  
Let's take a closer look at all of the new features and how you can benefit from each. Plus, check out a new enhancement to Online Booking that you may have missed in the release notes.

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1. & 2.  Set the colors & display time of the "appointment hover tip."

Now you have more control over the display of the appointment tip pop-up when you hover over an appointment.  You can adjust how long the display stays on the screen and even change the color of the pop-up if you're ready for something new.

To customize the hover screen, to go Company Settings > Calendar Options > Appearance Customization.



3. Standing appointments will now provide details on which dates failed to book.

If any appointment dates & times are unavailable when booking standing appointments, you can now see exactly where the booking conflict occurred.  This feature is instantly available, so you don't need to adjust anything in your settings! 

4. Send SMS text messages to clients from the Waiting List.
(available with the Paid SMS enhancement)

Now you can easily communicate with clients if they've been waiting for the perfect appointment spot! Send a custom text message right from Envision Cloud's waiting list to let them know you have availability. Clients can respond to let you know if they wish to book the appointment.




5. & 6. Notify an employee via text when a client checks in and when an appointment is cancelled. (available with the Paid SMS enhancement)

Don't worry about hunting service providers down when their next appointment arrives! Simply enable Envision Cloud to automatically send an SMS text message to the service provider when their client checks in. You can also have Envision notify the service provider when an appointment cancels. This way, they can fill that spot quickly, or upsell the client they're working with.


To enable employee notifications via text, to go Company Settings > Calendar Options > General Calendar Options. 

Don't see these features in your system?
Simply login to your account subscription and sign up for SMS messaging.



7. Only show unconfirmed appointments on the Appointments by Date Range, Appointments by Client, & Appointments by Employee reports. 

When viewing these reports, there is now an option to only show unconfirmed appointments on the report.  This makes it easy for your team to see which appointments may benefit from a confirmation call. 



8. Enter a personal note when emailing clients a list of their appointments. 

If a client requests an email of their future appointments, simply go to the client's file > appts > Email Appts to Client.

Now when you click on the "Email Appts to Client" button, a message window will pop up. This is a great place to put your cancellation policy, return email address, or any other important information the client needs to know about their appointments. 

9. "Verify All" & "Unverify All" buttons added to the payment verification section in drawer reconciliation. 

When closing a drawer and reconciling your payment types, you can now click Verify All or Unverify all on the payment checklist.  This will speed up the z-out process, but you should only Verify All if you are sure your payment types match up!


10. Up-sell a Prepaid item.

Give your clients the ability to use the value of a prepaid item towards another item. For example, a client purchased a prepaid package of brow waxes, but doesn't want to use all of the services. You can easily issue a credit for a brow wax and apply it to a different item.  


11. Reopen closed drawers for editing.

Mistakes happen, right? Especially when we're trying to close the drawer at the end of a long day. But now it's easier to correct any mistakes made on a closed drawer. You can reopen a closed drawer by going to Z-Out > View Drawers > Closed Drawers. Click on the reopen icon to reopen the drawer and correct any mistakes you've found to make sure your closing reports are correct.



12. Display client's Card ID on receipt

The Card ID field now displays on the client's receipt. Be sure to only use this field for client identifiers which are acceptable for the client to view.



13. Type in a Starting Cash Count

If you know your drawer's starting cash amount is accurate, you can now enter in the amount instead of counting each bill and coin.


14. Online Booking Option to show 7 days of availability at a time. 

Make it super easy for your clients to find the perfect time for their services when booking appointments online. With the new option to display 7 days worth of availability, your clients view multiple days & times without having to adjust their appointment selections.  They can easily look at weeks ahead, or start their search at a certain date. 

New Online Booking option


To enable the week view for online booking, go to
Company Settings > Online Booking > General Options and select "Display Full Week"
in the Appointment Selection format drop-down.

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