Maximize Gift Card Sales for the Holidays!



Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? I don’t know about you, but December really snuck up on me, which means I will be doing a lot of online shopping, and I know I’m not the only one! Online gift cards are such a great option for those of us who like to do our holiday shopping in our pjs or who need to send gifts to friends and family far away.  Promote your online gift cards sales this season to help your customers get a great gift for everyone on their list and increase your bottom line at the same time!




1. Use Your Social Media Outlets 

A quick post to your most popular social media account can remind clients that it’s not too late to give the Gift of Beauty or Relaxation this holiday season. For Facebook and Twitter, include gift amount ideas and a direct link to your gift certificate purchase page so your customers can go directly to the page they need.




 2. Make Online Gift Cards the Main Focus of Your Website 

Making your online gift card link simple and easy to find is so important for online shoppers. The convenience and quickness of online gift cards is a huge benefit to the gift-giver, so if the link buried in your site, your shoppers may go elsewhere.

Have a visible link to your online gift cards right on your home page or change the banner image to promote gift cards. If you are using a SalonVision website, you can easily change menu options and images from the admin panel. Once the gift-card buying season is over, you can update your website to focus on gift card redemption! Remind guests that it’s time to do a little something for themselves after this busy time of year.




3. Email Your Target Gift-Card Buyers 

Ok, so not all men are against shopping but there are so many guys (and girls, too) who would rather get a thoughtful gift without having to fight the traffic and crowds at the mall. Use your email marketing filters in Envision to create a targeted list and email your male clients with gift ideas and purchase values. For example, give details about your relaxing “Day at the Spa” package with the retail value and purchase price. Include a link to your online gift card purchase page so the only thing your guys have to do is click the link and purchase a gift card for the suggested value.

This isn’t just for guys, though! You can use the same concept for your most valuable clients. Target your best customers and send them an email with gift certificate ideas for their friends. To make it exclusive, create packages that are only available to these customers to give as gifts. This way, your clients can give their friends an exclusive gift and you’ll earn new clients… everybody wins!





4. Reward the Purchaser 

Have you ever been holiday shopping and end up with gifts for yourself instead of the people on your list, or does that just happen to me? Shoppers like me can be a benefit to you. When a customer spends over $x amount, you can reward them with their own gift card of a lesser value or give them bonus loyalty points. Now the gift-giver has a gift for themselves and they can scratch someone off their list!




 5. Get Inspired by Your Favorite Retailers 

Take note of what you see your favorite retailers doing to promote their online gift cards. If you see an email or promoted social media post that catches your eye, think about how you can do something similar in your business. Was it the graphic that caught your attention? Maybe a great deal that was too good to pass up? Whatever it is, pay attention to the marketing you’re seeing around you this time of year and incorporate these practices into your business.

If your staff needs a little enticement to remind clients to complete surveys, you can create a friendly competition between staff members.  Offer small rewards like Starbucks gift cards or free lunch for the staff member who receives the most completed surveys from their clients.  




If you don’t offer online gift cards, it’s not too late!  Contact Crystal Witherspoon today to get online gift cards for your business.

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