Membership Modules and Recurring Rewards!



Envision’s Membership Module allows businesses to create recurring rewards with recurring billing. This means that your company makes money each month, whether clients redeem their rewards or not! Memberships can be customized during setup, and clients can purchase more than one membership. This can permit your business to create and sell multiple memberships, increasing company revenue and client retention. Save time with automated billing cycles and have Envision do the work for you.




Create a monthly facial membership that awards clients with a facial service each month, and offers specific pricing on the products you choose. Offer a massage membership to one-time clients to encourage repeat business. Create both and be able to have clients sign up for each! With memberships, you can customize the rewards and discounts per membership. Even if you have different discounts set on the memberships, Envision will automatically give the best price for discounted products or services to your clients with multiple memberships. 









Automatic rewards when memberships bill successfully means that clients earn their membership rewards regularly and can help increase client retention by offering an incentive to return regularly. Boost your clients’ satisfaction by offering your members a custom loyalty program 









Paired with integrated credit card processing, Envision can bill clients for memberships they have purchased with one click, freeing up your time spent bookkeeping. Use credit cards or an ACH account for billing and streamline your business processes.