5 Reasons Why You Love Us (For Our 5th Birthday)

It's Envision's 5th Cloud Birthday this week and man, how time has flown! We remember it like it was just yesterday...so young and launching into this web-based "cloud" world, but we've learned a lot on the way and continue to release updates and features you care about. Here are a few of our staff's favorite features of Envision Cloud!


Software Office Party!

1) Advanced Marketing Tools

We first sat down with Rob Kimball, Envision's Top Business Consultant! Rob has single-handedly helped hundreds of customers get their hands on the industry's most powerful software. All while helping their businesses succeed with Envision through his advanced knowledge of every feature and how it can help in almost any situation a business owner will face; the true definition of a one-stop shop!  We sat down with Rob on Envision Cloud's 5th Birthday and picked his brain on his favorite feature of the software he has come to know so well.

"My favorite feature is the Advanced Marketing tools, specifically Automated Marketing for businesses it's like making "$" in your sleep. It does the work for you!"

2) Reporting Features

Envision wouldn't be a great product if we didn't use it in-house, right? We trust Envision to run our business too! We talked to our HR Administrator Chris about her favorite Envision feature- Reporting Tools! Chris trusts the tools in Envision to properly process our payroll and all membership billing for our clients. The tool you use to pay out your staff, we use to pay out ours too!

"I love how the reporting has advanced in the Cloud, the dashboard feature shows me the totals of the sales throughout the day in a simple and visual way!"

3) Reminders, Reminders, Reminders

Up next we caught up with our Director of Marketing Micki. This lady is a powerhouse with clients, always making sure they are happy and up to date on the latest industry information in order to stay ahead of the curve. She has a pretty great team if we do say so ourselves... Anyway, Micki had a lot to say about her favorite feature in Envision: Reminders! Especially when it comes to getting those all important clients to come back. Being able to easily set Envision to automatically send an email and/or text message to clients who haven't prebooked, reminding them that it's time to come back in for their service. Did you know you could do this for retail products too?

"If you know the product lasts about 90 days, just set Envision to automatically remind clients who purchased that product that it’s time to get more. Set this up once & done!"

4) The All Important Online Booking

We have a couple of new faces in office! One of our newest team members is Sydney. Sydney comes to us from the wonderful world of hair having previously worked at a salon, she has great inside information on how we can further connect with new clients. She's already proved herself invaluable and loves a feature in Envision that she knows in this age of technology is essential for businesses!

"I love the online booking feature because it gives clients a convenient & quick way to reserve their appointment. Plus, front desk staff will spend less time on the phone!"

5) Connecting to Dropbox 

Our tech support team pointed out some special features that would help enhance your client records! Did you know that Envision now connects to any DropBox account? Let's say you have all of those great before and after shots of makeovers and plenty of other services, what do you do with them? (After taking them to Instagram of course.) To save space on your phone or computer you can drop files into a Dropbox account. How can this help your business? 

"You can upload before & after pictures of every service the client has had straight to their client profile to refer to when you need it most & connect forms they signed too."


We consider ourselves pretty lucky in some aspects. We have a great team that loves the product we sell and use every day, and we have amazing clients who continue to vouch for the most powerful software in the industry! But who likes celebrating their birthday alone? Join us by getting the industry-leading software thousands of successful clients use every day to manage their businesses! Get Envision for only $5 for the FIRST MONTH until 12/18/17 and see why we won the Launchpad Readers Choice Award!

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