Love is in the Hair



With Valentine’s day fast approaching, it’s the time of the year for couple’s massages, relaxing spa days and gift cards for that special someone to help them get the salon or spa services they really want! Envision helps make managing these packages and gift cards as easy as possible.



“Day at the Spa” Packages


With Envision, you can setup a package of multiple services as 1 single item, making it easier to manage and sell. Whether it’s giving a retail item with a specific service or a complete day of several pampering services you offer, you can customize packages to fit anything you’d like to offer your clients! Under your “Inventory” drop down, locate the Package/Series option. From here, you can create a new package and add in all the services/retail that are included. You can also choose to set the price of the package at a fixed price or set a specific percent discount.




Gift Certificates

For the husband or significant other who’s not sure what to purchase, a gift card to your salon is the perfect option! Envision makes Gift Card sales incredibly easy for you. Simply pull up the client at the Point of Sale, and click on the Sell Gift Card option on the left. In this screen, you can input the gift card number (you don’t have to have physical cards! Just keep the numbers organized.) If they are purchasing the card for someone else, just select that person as the “Purchased For” client, and it will show up under their account available for use as well. When they come in to redeem it, you simply select the payment type as “Gift Card” and you will have an option to view the gift cards tied to that client.