Envision Your Marketing Done Automatically



Envision can help you keep in touch with your clients, remind them to come back in, or even congratulate them on life events, all without you having to think about it! You just Set It – And Forget it!



Envision Desktop

From your Company drop down in the top left, click on Program Preferences. Scroll down the side and locate the “eSMarketing” icon and click on it.



Envision Cloud

Once you’re signed into Cloud, hover over the Marketing drop down and select Automated Marketing.



On this screen, you’ll see we have options to automatically send marketing to your clients for the following:

  • Birthdays: You can use the option above to say how far in advance of a client’s birthday you want to send them a special offer or congratulations email/text.

  • First Visits: Send your new client’s a “Welcome” email and let them know about any offers or specials you run for your new clients.

  • No Visit Since: Let Envision check in on client’s who haven’t been back to visit you in a while and notify them of any incentives for them to come back in!

  • Referral Thank You: Let your clients know how much you appreciate them referring friends to your business, by automatically sending them an offer in their email or text.


Just remember, if you are using Envision Desktop: After making ANY changes on this screen, that you need to click the BIG button below!! This button will set all the existing flags and make sure the changes only take affect from today on!