Using Envision to its Fullest Capabilities - Part 1

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When you decided to become an Envision user, I’m sure you were excited to start using all the business building tools that sold you on Envision in the first place. You entered your inventory, staff, clients, and booked appointments easily with the full intention to go back through the program and customize your loyalty program, setup automated marketing, or reach out to clients who you haven’t seen in a while.  But as you stayed busy working in your business, you forgot to work on your business using the tools you have right in front of you.  Well, we’re here to remind you about the simple tools in Envision designed to build your business.  


This month, we’ll cover features that are included in the program to benefit your business and your clients.  Stay tuned next month where we’ll review often forgotten features that benefit you and your team.


Loyalty Point Program

Envision includes an integrated loyalty point system so you can reward clients for prebooking, referrals, and purchases they make in your business.  You determine the value the rewards so you’re never giving away more than you intend to.  There’s no need to have clients carry around those pesky keychain cards or punch-cards because everything is tracked automatically in the program. You can even create multiple programs that offer different point values and redemption rate – those cards won’t let you do that!


Envision Desktop Software

*Options shown here are available in Envision Ultimate.
Not all options are available in Envision Pro and below.

Envision Cloud



Setup is quick and simple since you’re in control. Check out our Loyalty Program training videos to get started with your own Loyalty Programs.  Desktop installed users click here and Envision Cloud users click here.


Automated Marketing

Let Envision send emails and SMS messages automatically to your clients for their birthdays, after their first visit, when they refer a friend, or you haven’t seen them in a while.  You can include enticing coupons or discounts in your message to encourage your clients to visit again.  By just setting up automated marketing – or eSMarketing (Envision’s Smart Marketing) as well like to call it – you can have an ongoing marketing campaign than you don’t have to worry about again.  You can design your own templates or use pre-built templates already available in the program. 



Learn how to setup eSMarketing by reading this blog post.

*SMS text messaging is an optional service. 


Targeted Marketing

So now you remember to setup your automated marketing, but what if you want reach a very specific group of clients? For example, what if you have a new nail tech joining your team and you want to run a special on pedicures, but you don’t want to take away business from your current nail tech. Did you know you can create a list of clients who have never had a pedicure and email them your special offer.  You can target that list even further and only send your pedicure offer to clients who have never had a pedicure, have more that 100 points, and don’t already have an appointment booked in the next 2 weeks. The possibilities are endless!  Using targeted marketing filters is a great way to encourage clients to try something new, tell them about a new product line you’ll know they’ll love, or invite your top spenders to an exclusive event.  Plus, you can save the filters you created and run reports to get a list of these clients if you want to do a call-campaign as well. 


Envision Desktop Software

Envision Cloud


Desktop users can watch this video to learn how to setup marketing filters and Cloud users, your video is right here


Service Reminders

No, we’re not talking about appointment confirmations here. Service Reminders are different. They’re used to remind clients that it’s time to have a service performed again when they don’t already have an appointment on the calendar.


Let’s say you recommend your Botox clients get injections every 4 months. You can set Envision to automatically text and/or email your Botox clients 3 months after their last injection.  This gives them enough time to call or go online to book their next service.  If the client already has a Botox appointment on the calendar, he/she will not receive the reminder.  How convenient is that?!?  Once again, a simple setting that markets to your clients so you don’t have to remember to do it.  Visit your online help guide for detailed information about setting up Service Reminders.


Envision Desktop Software

Envision Cloud

Desktop users, here is your link. And Cloud users, yours is right here




Now that you’ve been reminded about these business building features, you’re ready to start getting them setup, right? You’re going to be part of the 30% of users using all of Envision’s features! If you need any help or have any questions, you can submit a support ticket online at (for Desktop installed users), or by clicking “Help” in the upper right of your screen if you’re Cloud user, or call our support team at 407-253-0913. 


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for next month’s Envision Pulse so you can learn more about cool features for your staff!


 *Screens and features shown in this article are available in the Ultimate Editions of Envision Desktop and Envision Cloud. If you do not have access to these features, give Crystal a call at 800-231-9445 ext 3102 for information about Envision Editions.*


*SMS Text messaging is an optional service.  Contact Crystal if you would like to add text messaging to your program.*