5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Branded App


In this day in age, it seems like everyone is playing catch up with technology and its' seemingly daily advances. What is a business to do?! We've created a handy infographic to steer you in the right direction. If you want to get ahead of your competition and capitalize on the industry's hottest trend then keep on reading below; and if you like these sorts of posts from us, please let us know!

Reason 1: Connect With Customers At All Times

Let's face it mobile phones aren't going anywhere, except everywhere with you, so how can we capitalize on this multi-billion dollar business? Be one of the few who have already begun to catch wind on this trend of business apps and get ahead of it! Studies show Americans, ALONE, on average spend up to 5 hours a day staring down at those screens. Increase your visibility to customers by living ON their phones and your services never being more than a tap away. Customers will be shocked by your forward thinking and love the ease of booking on the go, and on their own terms. In 2016, a study found that 62% of small businesses either had or were in the process of developing an app. Leave your competition in the dust and get ahead of the curb!

Having a mobile app will also increase customer engagement!  By enabling push notifications on your app you can catch their attention at a moment's notice and drive sales (which we'll get into later). They can be notified about a promotion you're having or some additional services you may have that your clients weren't previously aware of! If you decide to showcase your line of products in the app, it only creates more exposure for them. The possibilities are endless!


Reason #2: Show Off Your Work

With the new Image Gallery feature in MyDash, your clients are able to see incredible transformations your staff has created from within your app! This means no clicking off to check your Instagram feed or Facebook Business Page. Your "portfolio" of work is right at their fingertips.

This also keeps your clients engaged in your business and could even spark additional revenue should clients see a service they love! Through the easy in-app booking they can fall in love with a service and book it at a moment's notice without ever having to call your business.


Reason #3: Boost Revenue & Sales

We think it goes without saying, there are a variety of ways MyDash can increase your business's overall revenue and product sales, but it's of note how mobile app revenue is expected to reach $37 billion by the end of 2017. Especially if your app goes live before the holidays, MyDash also offers gift card sales for those looking for last minute gifts! If your salon did a Push Notification on "How Gift Cards Make The Perfect Last Minute Gift" this could be a great way to increase revenue with no effort.


Reason #4: Send Specials and Promotions to Clients

Wearing way too many hats at your business? Take several things off your plate including Marketing with Push Notifications. Need to advertise a promotion you're having on a specific service? Create the message and reach customers in seconds! Spending too much time designing emails that no one opens? Give yourself some peace of mind knowing Push Notifications have you covered on showcasing your products and always having your brand be front and center to your customers, no matter where they are.

Even if you have a Marketing Manager or are doing it yourself, reach more customers by simply speaking on all the incredible benefits of the app, instead of all of your services, products, and specials. And with the new "Spin to Win" game built into MyDash, your clients can try their luck on a virtual wheel that has service discounts, coupons, and special offers right on their phone. Engaging them in the app even more and providing some value for their time and attention. The great thing about "Spin to Win" is you have complete control over what discounts and services you decide to include. MyDash is a breeze to customize and branding for your business is easy!


Reason#5: Fill Last Minute Appointments 

Let us paint a picture for you, it's a Saturday afternoon and your business is packed. What's an owner to do?! On top of making sure every customer leaves happy, your staff needs to be adding products to their sales and booking follow-ups. The last thing you need to be is stuck up at the front when inventory needs to be restocked and so much else is going on! Eliminate being stuck behind the counter with in-app booking and inventory sales. You can even get something nifty called a "Beacon" to send specific alerts to your clients when they walk into your business, alerting them of your current specials. We have an entire blog post about the Beacon and how it can transform your business here



We could go on and on but we think you get the point, a branded app could do wonders for your business. If not, email us at social@ennoview.com and we can always talk one-on-one (this is one of our favorite topics to discuss at headquarters). Or reach out to us on social media, we'll be waiting!