7 Reasons Why You Need A Loyalty Program

If you are running any type of business today that requires customers to come back in order to stay afloat, you need a loyalty program.  We're sure by now you've seen them everywhere. Starbucks has the ever popular Starbucks Loyalty app that even offers the function to place orders before you arrive to your favorite location. And luxury stores are getting in on the action with Bloomingdale’s Loyalty Program which tracks all your spending and dishes out reward cards whenever you reach 5,000 points. No matter where you look, Loyalty Programs seem to be everywhere, and there’s a reason beyond everyone else is doing it. Multi Channel Merchant reports that 64% of consumers still find it appealing to earn points for purchases. Need another reason? Below we’ve discovered 7 on why it’s important to have a loyalty program in today’s age of shopping! (And why Envision’s is the best!)


1. Say it with us “Integration”

With Envision’s integrated Loyalty Program feature, you can track purchases and all the actions clients take with your service, such as pre-booking and referring friends, right from Envision! The days of carrying a card, let’s not remember punch cards, are long gone.

2. It’s Customizable!

You are always in control with Envision’s Loyalty Program feature. Simply set up the points and services you wish to dish out and when the customer has earned enough rewards, they will receive one via email or text! If you are trying to get new customers in the door, you can customize the Loyalty Program to receive more rewards for referring new clients. Or if you want to promote a new service, you can offer more points when clients book that service over another. The possibilities are truly endless, but the power is in your hands always.

3. One not enough? How about Multiple?

If it’s one thing customers love, it’s being made to feel special whenever they walk in the door. Want to extend that feeling beyond your business? A tiered loyalty program will do just the trick. Reward your VIP clients even more with a special loyalty status just for them! Let’s say you have a Silver rewards program for regular clients that come in ever so often, but those special customers that love your brand so much could be on the Gold Program which can offers higher rewards since they come in more often. Reward your biggest fans today!

4. Encourage Your Clients to Come Back!

Listen we get it, good customers can be hard to come by. So when they do come around, you’ve got to find every chance to make them stay. You can reel them in with amazing customer service and talented people on staff delivering great results, but what if that still doesn’t make them return? With a Loyalty Program, your customers will have another reason to keep coming back! 

Did you know that Millennials are 22% more likely than other generations to remain loyal to a brand because of its loyalty rewards? And with this generation quickly snapping up all the buying power available, they are the ones to target with this key feature.

5. More $$$ For You, Less Work!

With a Loyalty Program, upselling can be done for you! Some clients will ask about how retail sales affect their loyalty status. Depending on what kind of program you have in place, or if you have more than one, you can dish out additional rewards for purchases made outside of services. If you are running a sale at the time, this can result in a higher transaction value! 

Let’s say a client is coming in to redeem a reward for a service. If the client is receiving a good discount, it is much easier to upsell them additional services or products versus someone paying full price. Use these opportunities to your advantage and if someone checking out has rewards available for you to use, then inform them! The customer will feel like you have their best interest at heart which can lead to bigger tips and sales in the future.

6. Loyalty Program Meet Pre-Booking

Are you in the habit of Pre-Booking clients? Make this small, but important, aspect of the checkout experience required training for all of your staff. If someone is working with a client who is close to hitting their new loyalty reward, have them mention Pre-Booking. Just getting that client to Pre Book not only helps them receive their reward but it brings more money into your pocket! Encouraging Pre Booking as a part of the Loyalty experience fills up your book and keeps customers coming back for all the right reasons!

7. Rewards for Bringing My Friends? Sold!

People love to feel like they discovered something. We love to spread the word on a new restaurant we love or gym class we tried, and your business is no different. Become the talk of the town with your own Loyalty Program that offers rewards for clients bringing in their friends! You could run 50% off a service they can’t live without if they refer a friend, and watch your network of clients grow without any extra work on your part.



Need another reason to get a Loyalty Program? Keep the conversation going with one of our sales consultants here and learn more about all the ways Envision can empower your business!