Feature Friday: Task Employees Through SMS Text Messages and Turn Friday into FriYAY

It's the weekend, yipee! Well, almost. It's Friday. Only a few more hours till your sleeping or dancing the night away. Want to make sure no stone is left unturned before you clock out? With our NEWEST feature enhancement, you can send tasks through SMS text messaging to your employees and leave work ALWAYS feeling like Queen B. (Requires a paid SMS Account)


Tasks Through SMS means:

  1. No more forgetting what needs to get done before the day is over. 
  2. No more nagging or micromanaging employees about daily routines.
  3. YES more efficient system for completing to-do's and every day tasks.
  4. YES more relaxing for you and your employees. :) 


Here’s what we’re talking about.

  • Tasking Your Employees Through SMS Text Message Makes Work Easier 

Before you were able to create Tasks in Envision Cloud and it would notify the specific employee(s) tasked as soon as they logged into the system. However, NOW you can assign the Task in Envision Cloud AND send the task details to the employee through SMS text messaging. Utilizing SMS, tasks can ensure employees finish their daily tasks when they first walk through the door. 

When you go to task an employee, there is an option to additionally send an SMS text message if you have the paid SMS feature. Add your message and click SEND.


  • Get Tasks From the Comfort of Your Phone 

Business owners aren't the only ones who want to start the weekend off with a bang. Employees want to leave work feeling good, too. It's the worst when you get a text message from one of your co-workers saying you forgot to empty the trash or restock your station. What a mood killer! SMS task messaging will ensure employees don't forget about their daily to-do's and leave work - at the office, instead of unfinished business affecting their weekend.


Add the Paid SMS texting feature to your Envision Cloud Preferred or Ultimate edition and get those tasks taken care of!