Tired of Falling Behind Competition? How to Dominate the Beauty Industry With Rock Star Marketing

Get Ahead in Your Industry with Marketing Software for Salons and MedSpas

Do you think the market competition will ever stop? Fortunately, we know the answer. 
As long as the free market and a capitalistic society are kickin’ market competition is here to stay. But, who doesn’t love good, fun, and wholesome competition? We can only dream of the day when it will be wholesome! Competitors are out for blood and if your business doesn’t get it together, will we see you on the other side? 
Here’s the stone-cold truth: every single company out there has competitors. But, you already knew that. 
Here at Envision, we talk to a lot of clients in the salon, spa and MedSpa industry that are eager to “plant their flag” in their local market and get ahead of their competition. 
And we answer with one word, marketing. 
“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” - Robert Rose

 Envision's salon and MedSpa software have its own tools for rock star marketing. Recently our expert developers added a way for our clients to create business AND employee goals. Why not make one of your target goals to explore new marketing campaigns with our pre-made email templates? 

 Envision has created a resource solely for launching and tracking email campaigns. On average, businesses see a 4300% return on their investments in email marketing. 

Want a sneak peek?

Nope, it's not a dream. Finally, you can monitor your business, create marketing campaigns, stay on top of your employees, and MUCH MORE from ONE place. Feeling like a rock star yet?

Small Business Owners Say that Keeping Up with Technology Advances is a Major Concern 


Email marketing is just one aspect when it comes to creating relevant marketing in the growing technological world. Smartwatches, iPhones vs. Androids, air pods, Alexa, technology, technology, how do you begin to keep up? 

A couple of our favorite business experts from Clutch and Digital.com researched small business marketing and here’s what they found: 
  • 30% of small business owners say that keeping up with technology advances is a major concern.
Oh, no. Is technology taking over? Sike. It already has. BUT, have no fear, Envision Cloud will always be here. 
Most Americans prefer to shop online, and the number will continue to grow as the world becomes more internet dominated. 
Despite the growing technology:
  • 46% of small businesses don’t have a strong online booking system. 
  • 87% of consumers utilize the internet, and more importantly look to see if the company has an APP to book appointments, read reviews and learn more about the company. 
More than half of ALL companies in the spa, salon and medical world state that they plan to launch a mobile app in spite of the high cost to preserve future business (with Envision you can launch the APP without the high cost).
 Your own customized app that has user-friendly ability such as online booking WILL be its own form of relevant marketing. 

 When communicating with customers, remember that most prefer a text message or e-mail communication when interacting with businesses. Envision has made it easy to increase your digital footprint, create a streamline of customers, and solidify current customer relationships.

Here’s a few of Envision’s features that can put you ahead of the competition before summer ends:
  • Online booking on your site that syncs LIVE with your Envision scheduling program
  • Personal branded APP that will be able to be downloaded (in your name) to allow your customers to book appointments, refer friends, read reviews, check company specials and much more! 
  • MORE tools to your APP, such as a Spin & Win game, Push Notifications and location-specific pop-ups and such via a Beacon.
Want more marketing tips and tricks? Contact our team today and let’s rock out your marketing like a true ROCK STAR.