Why Push Notifications are the Number One Marketing Tool for Your Salon

Push Notifications Allow Salons to Measure and Track Client’s Engagement

When communicating with any audience, a useful way to measure their wants, needs, and alibi’s is by their response to emails, social media posts, mail, etc. 
Are your clients subscribing and/or opting in? 
Push Notifications allows salons to measure their client’s response, engagement, and then, have the ability to customize notifications according to their data. 
Push Notifications trigger a reaction from a user and this either will increase or decrease the level of user engagement. If they open the Push Notification and then, are redirected to the app, the Push Notification has triggered the right action. The level of interaction with an app or notification lets marketers measure a consumer's willingness to buy, subscribe, and respond. 
Now, both Apple and Android have taken advantage of Push Notifications.  
Have you? 
What started as a tool to increase user experience has now turned into an effective marketing resource for businesses. 
Are you integrating Push Notifications at your salon?

Push Notifications Are Compatible with ALL Devices 

Automated solutions such as Push Notifications are increasing revenue by booking more clients, improving client retention, and reducing no-shows. Daily Push Notifications remind clients of special offers, promotions, and more without physically being in the store! 
Push Notifications is a great tool to improve client relationships and salons sales at the same time.
One of the reasons Push Notifications are so effective is because they work for all technological devices. Get ready to end the iPhone vs. Android debate. It doesn’t matter anymore! Push Notifications are capable of both. The only thing that’s different between the two is turning them on. 
Want to give your customers step by step instructions to turn on notifications right now? 
Visit our resource page and show your clients an interactive walk through (with pictures). 

Push Notifications > Email Marketing 

Emails are out, Push Notifications are IN. 
Not completely “out,” but outdated. 
We still use email RELIGIOUSLY. We have multiple addresses, work vs. personal. But, how many times do you delete an email you know will end up at the bottom of your mailbox or trash? Gmail even categorizes your emails for you by sorting them into Primary, Promotions, and Social, to avoid clutter and prioritize the most important emails. Although email marketing is still beneficial, Push Notifications are quick pop-up messages to reach audiences anytime, anywhere. 
It’s an instant mode of automated direct communication between a website and its clients. For salons, instant reminders can help with booking appointments, sales, and client relationships.  

Push Notifications are Exclusive for Exclusive Users

Admit it, you like to hear the inside scoop, the deets, and the DL. We all do, even if it’s a guilty pleasure. The feeling of exclusivity is something clients enjoy too. Your users, the ones that have “turned on” or “opted-in” will receive promos, updates, etc. about your salon. Now, they’re apart of the exclusive deals. And, customers who opted in are most likely to take action, respond, and subscribe because they are excited about these updates.
If they have a standing appointment they’ll want to know if there are any special offers before they come in for their appointment, so why not remind them with a Push Notification? Clients might want to adjust their appointment to fit a specific promotion and with the help of Push Notification adjustments, they can! 

Create Your Customized App and Activate Push Notifications

At Envision Cloud, our Ultimate Package offers a customized app with the ability to activate and send daily push notifications. 
The invention of Push Notifications has allowed businesses, as well as consumers, utilize products and promotions. By enabling Push Notifications the user/consumer can now stay up to date with their most valued products. Unlike before, when checking a string of emails caused massive headaches and pushed frequent promotions to the bottom, or worse, to the trash. 
We’ve given you a sneak peek, are you ready to integrate Push Notifications into your marketing arsenal? Visit our online help guide here and start sending Push Notifications today!