New Year, New You? Setting Realistic Resolutions For Yourself and Your Business in 2020


Happy New Year, Well, New Decade!  


We’re halfway through January 2020, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Although resolutions can be a good idea to jump-start a new year and incorporate healthy habits, many people falsely believe they need to change their lifestyle with a new year. A year is nothing more than a digit. It’s important to take on the new year with a new level of optimism, but set realistic expectations for yourself AND the year. 

Let yourself breathe and set healthy, realistic resolutions that you can legitimately achieve in 365 days. Designating long-term goals is beneficial to your emotional, mental, and even physical health! Setting small milestones and achieving them can revamp your confidence and shine in your career, relationships, and the mirror winking face. It’s oftentimes when we set huge milestones for ourselves that we have difficulty being able to achieve it. Instead, start small and alleviate becoming discouraged, defeated, and insecure. 

If you’ve already thrown in the towel, don’t be too hard on yourself Ditch New Years Resolutions Day is January 17th, so you’re not alone. But, that’s beside the point. Learn how to stay strong by setting realistic resolutions for 2020 and keeping your head clear of fog below: 

Embrace YOU in 2020 

Sometimes it can be difficult to even determine what goals you want to set for yourself? Do you start a new hobby, re-discover an old one? Exercise, Cross-Fit, gym membership? Where do you start? 

Before you get too overwhelmed…start with looking at what puts a smile on your face. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gesture, just think of what turns your frown upside down. Maybe it could be an extra hug from a loved one or coffee sitting on your desk Monday morning. Figure out your happy “thing” is and start doing it for others. 

Give your friend an extra hug when you see them or bring coffee for your co-workers and the next week a different co-worker. Random acts of kindness that make you happy, can make others happy too. 

Embrace YOU, and embrace what makes YOU smile. Giving back to others has a funny way of giving back to yourself too. Small gestures of kindness can make someone else feel warm and it’s difficult not to feel the same. Embrace you in 2020 and give the warmth you enjoy. This type of kindness can eliminate negative emotions when the year gets busy or items become pricey and your wallet starts feeling empty. Little acts of kindness are manageable throughout the entire year! 

Organize Your Resolutions and Put Them Into Action

Okay, so your first New Year’s resolution is an act of kindness (totally not a cliche), what’s next?
Where do you spend most of your time? 

As stated previously, embrace YOU, the right-now you. Don’t recreate yourself before you’ve looked at your life at this very moment. Do you spend most of your free time painting, exercising, beach bumming, or just relaxing? 

What resolution can optimize your time with something you truly enjoy? Make sure to give yourself time for your current enjoyments and hobbies, before maximizing your time on NEW resolutions. You don’t want to lose yourself by turning into someone new who might not even enjoy these new “resolutions.” 

Check your planner, how much time can you give to these new endeavors? 30 minutes, an hour - a day, a week, set a specific time-frame that suits your lifestyle and make it a resolution! Organizing your resolutions and putting them into action starts with optimizing your time to achieve these resoultions. Without a plan, resolutions tend to fall through and leave us feeling unaccomplished. 

Determine the resolutions that CAN be accomplished by looking at your planner, schedule, designating a time-frame, and putting them into action. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Commit and Let Envision Cloud Help You 

Congrats! Ready to commit to your resolutions? Even if you normally cringe at commitment, these resolutions are realistic, created to fit YOU and only YOU. This commitment should be a breeze. You’ve scheduled time for your resolutions, and you’re ready to not only put it into action but commit to the action. Once you commit to your resolutions, you can duplicate even MORE goals for yourself and later, your business too!

Follow your example and encourage yourself to set realistic resolutions this year and make 2020 a year dedicated to YOU. It starts with you! Luckily, Envision Cloud can also hold you accountable for your goals and resolutions. You're ready to take on your goals, why not encourage your employees to do the same? Replicate realistic resolutions in your business as well, have a transformation from the inside, out. Now, that you've set yourself for a successful year, Envision Cloud has done the heavy lifting for your business resolutions. 


  • Upgraded Performance Monitor Board 

See who's leading your team based on a point system you create! You can create and assign different performance plans to your employees and check the performance monitor to see who's in the lead to hitting their goals for the day, week, or month! Keep this dashboard up in the break room to create a little friendly competition among staff! Learn more here.


  • Sales Summary Comparison Between Two-Time Frames

A NEW sales report to compare not just dates, but time-frames. Which month was the busiest? Slowest? Start comparing time-frames in your Sales By Date Comparison under the Sales Reports Tab. 


  • Request a Review via Email or SMS Message* After Clients Check Out

Send an SMS message (requires 2-way SMS feature*) or send an email prompting for a review. You can customize the SMS or email template with a special message, graphic, or link to the most popular review sites like Google and Yelp! Learn more about requesting reviews on our What's New section. 

Example: Please review your appointment at "Company Name" and receive 10% off your next service!


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