Why You Should Make the Move to Cloud-Based Business Software

With over 20 years of software development under our belts here at Envision, we started as an installed software provider, and now we offer a cloud-based software system designed to help businesses increase efficiency and grow! It’s a decision to go from desktop to cloud, but we took the plunge.  Here’s why we think you should too! 

Up-To-Date Software 

There’s no such thing as being versions behind on software. With cloud-based software, updates are much simpler to launch! There’s no need to purchase additional software or new editions. Updates are just uploaded to the cloud, and voila, you’re always working with the latest version of your software. 

Access from Anywhere 

Accessibility is probably the biggest draw for business-owners. Everything you need is a login away. Running your company with a cloud gives you flexibility, mobility, and so much more! It takes businesses from being stuck behind the front desk to every employee having access to the software from their smartphones. Cloud-based software allows business owners to easily manage multiple locations and work from home. 

Data Security 

Rather than using clunky and costly hardware to store business data, cloud-based business software can safely store all your business data. If a computer crashes, your data is safe, unlike with desktop as it's directly dependent on the computer. This can give you the peace of mind that information won’t be lost.

Envision Cloud

With Envision Cloud, the latest features will always be at your fingertips! We have all-in-one solutions available that offer a capable POS system, expansive reporting options, online booking, client and employee management, goal-tracking, and so much more! We have also developed the Envision Cloud app that gives staff access to the Envision Cloud system from web-enabled smart devices. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Envision Cloud is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Another benefit of Envision Cloud is the custom-branded app available to add to your subscription. You get the opportunity to collaborate with our graphic design and development team to craft an app that represents your business and offers exciting features for your clients. For example, a client can schedule an appointment from the app, and your Envision Cloud will recognize that and automatically place that appointment on your appointment schedule! Envision Cloud also has the power to eliminate the need for multiple business programs as it can offer task management, membership billing, card on file storage, text message appointment reminders, and more!

As you can see, Envision Cloud can be revolutionary for business!  Want more freedom from your software without compromising quality? Cloud might be in your future!