3 Fool-Proof Ways to Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is defined as preventing the waste of energy and working in a well-organized way (Oxford Languages). According to BBC, increasing efficiency can reduce costs and improve a business’s competitiveness. Sounds pretty sweet! Let’s go over a few ways your business can work smarter, not harder!

Add Automation to the Equation

Automation of business functions and tasks within your business can give employees time to focus on other objectives that aren’t repetitive in nature. Forbes says productivity will increase with automation. You may be thinking, well I run a business that’s based off service and retail sales. Where can I automate? Here a few places automation could help your company:

  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Due-For-Service Reminders 
  • SMS Marketing

That’s right! Automation can help reduce no-shows, remember birthdays, thank customers, and so much more! Of course, the services you provide stay the same, but everything before and after gets a major upgrade. “Set it and forget it” is the way to go! 

Prioritize tasks

Categorizing tasks by their importance is a great way to increase efficiency! By prioritizing, the most important tasks are front and center, allowing you to dedicate a more appropriate amount of time to them and ensure they are completed (LifeHack.org). Prioritizing tasks can look like assigning priorities like low, medium, high, and urgent. Taking the time to organize tasks in this manner could save the urgent to-do from falling by the wayside.  


Create a Dream Team 

Teamwork has the potential increase efficiency by allowing for workloads to be delegated and distributed to reduce pressure on an individual. (Potential.com) Encouraging teamwork can also show an individual’s strength, increase effective communication, and build connections across the workplace. When a team is better equipped to work with one another, tasks can be completed in a more efficient manner. 

Envision Cloud offers software solutions that feature automated marketing, two-way text appointment reminders, services reminders, a digital task list, and team goals. To learn more, email us at sales@ennoview.com.