How To Support Your Business Virtually



We understand the ways COVID-19 has deeply impacted some businesses, and it is our goal is to offer support to you and your clients during this trying time.

As a result, we have compiled some strategies to help your business while many hunker down. In addition, we will be allowing you to send twice as many marketing emails for the months of March and April 2020 at no additional chargeWe have also reduced the standard rate of SMS messages by 20% so you can continue to communicate with your clients! The Internet is a powerful tool to garner support, spread the word, and even encounter new clientele for when your doors reopen. Here are a few tips on “How To Virtually Support Your Business:”

Online Gift Cards Purchasing

Online gift certificate purchasing is a fantastic option to bring in revenue during this time! Your clients can simply purchase a gift card from the comfort of their home and use it in the future. Online gift cards encourage social distancing while still making a sale! If you aren’t currently selling online gift cards with Envision Cloud, contact us today! We have options that could give your clients the opportunity to purchase gift cards either from a website or the Enhanced Custom App. 

Sparkling Reviews

Whether it’s Yelp, Google review, or a Facebook rating, encouraging your clients to leave a review can positively impact your business. Outstanding feedback can be the difference between a new customer coming in or opting for some someplace else! If you’re using Envision Cloud’s Custom Mobile App, your clients can even leave a review right within the app.

Keeping in Contact 

As situations change and develop, it is so important to keep your clients in the loop! You can send out texts and emails using Envision Cloud! Your clients have more opportunities to support your business if they know how! Be sure to provide up to date information on business hours, sanitation practices, and online gift card sales! Quick tip: be sure to include your social media handles in emails to encourage your clients to connect with your business on different platforms!

Client Referrals 

Does word of mouth still count if they’re typing? Of course, it does! Did you know clients are four times more likely to make a purchase after they've been referred by a friend? (Nielsen) Your clients can refer their friends to your shop so once you’re back in business, you’ll have new clients coming in! With Envision Cloud’s Custom Mobile App, your clients can even refer a friend right from the app. 


Envision hopes you and your loved ones are staying clean and healthy. 


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